Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deer Cave - the largest cave passage in the world!

I visited Mulu Caves National Park in Sarawak, East Malaysia in January 1988 with my first Nikon SLR - an one year old Nikon F-501 and Nikkor AF 35-70mm f3.3-4.5 lens. I had only one year of photography experience at that time and this trip was a big challenge for me.Yes, the exit on the North or 

I was lucky to take this panorama view of the North entrance of the Deer Cave. I was standing on a hill top at the Garden of Eden Entrance(this location is marked as point "B' on the link or as the red "X" in the following map), which is about 10 storeys high from the creek below. Visit to this hidden world has to be pre-arranged. Otherwise, visitors can only view the Garden of Eden from behind the huge rocks at the center of this photo(please note the pointy huge rock), after passing through the Deer Cave from the South entrance.
This photo was stitched up with three 3" x 5" prints(shot at 35mm focal length) and I attached three little persons that I cut out from the other photo that I shot downward from the hill to my team mates who were standing at the creek side. The scale is close to the real life so I can show or give you an idea of the size of the cave.

You can find more information about of the Mulu Caves here, don't forget to check out those magnificent photos too:

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