Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Minox 35 GT test photos

Just finished the first roll of Kodak MAX 400 GC film on Minox 35 GT and developed from local lab. All negatives were scanned with Nikon Coolscan V ED film scanner.

One of the benefits of scanning the negatives with good film scanner (especially Nikon Coolscan) is that I can shoot with my expired films now. Expired film normally will produces fade or off colors with more grains present. However, the Nikon Coolscan & Nikon Scan4 can fix these problems and produce the great result.

Red Corvette - sunny day in the morning, f16 1/500s 5m

Green Lotus - overcast day in the evening, f4(may be) shutter(unknown) under exposed

I met this man and his guide dog occasionally on Lougheed Town Centre skytrain station in the morning. It's an overcast day and lightning was limited. So, I set to the widest aperture and the closest focus distance. Shot at my lap level without looking through viewfinder. Just a quick snap and then the train approached in next few seconds. Normally, an ordinary lens with aperture wide opened should produces soft focus at the edges & corners, and also has shallow DOF(depth of field). But I'm impressed with this Minox 35 GT f2.8 performance. Better than my expectation.
Guide dog - overcast day in the morning, f2.8 0.9m shutter(unknown)

The following photos had been taken on the same day of my previous post of the Stanley Cup Final Game 5, including the above green Lotus sport car. This crowd photo was shot with hand held in the air. 
Stanley Cup Final Game 5 - overcast day in the evening, f5.6 HF(hyper focal) shutter(unknown)

Okay, we have covered the cars, animal, people, now let's see the buildings.
Building #1 - overcast day in the evening, f11 infinity shutter(unknown) BL set(back lit)

Waterfront Station - overcast day in the evening, f11 infinity shutter(unknown) BL set(back lit)

How sharp is the lens? And how does it handle the flash photography? The following photo was taken on the first few frames of the roll with the Nikon SB-E auto flash, and it's the sharpest shot among the whole roll. This flash is too strong for close distance photography. The photo is a bit over exposed but I adjusted it and cropped to about 50% of the original shot.
 Puffy bears - indoor night time, f4 1.5m Nikon SB-E flash shutter(unknown)

How sharp again? The following photos were zoomed in 100% from original frame.
 Left male bear foot

Right female bear foot

Before making any comment on this mini camera, I have to take more test shots again on the field and on different subjects.

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