Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another treasure hunt - Minox 35 GT

Just bought this Minox 35 GT mini film camera at a local thrift store yesterday. Made in Germany. Plastic housing with some metal construction inside. Optic is just like new and seems good quality. It's clean and in excellent condition.

The original PX27 mercury cell is obsoleted. So, I put in 4 x LR44 button cells to try it out. 6V vs 5.6V, seems okay and I'm loading in an old ISO400 color film to test. Will post the test photos after finished the roll & developing.

I searched through my gears and found two mini flashes; both fit quite well on the Minox 35GT. Which flash do you like?

Front view

Front view with cover opened

With Nippon manual flash

With Nikon SB-E auto flash

Top view without hot shoe cover

Top view with front cover opened

Bottom view

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